WMBS Multi-Bowl System


WDi’s Multi-Bowl System offers significant time savings advantages over conventional wellheads.
WDi’s Multi-Bowl System supports and seals two strings of pipe in a single head.
WDi’s Multi-Bowl System is made in the USA.
WDi’s Multi-Bowl System consists of two pieces: a lower housing and an upper housing-installed as one complete unit. If the intermediate casing sticks, the mandrel casing hanger cannot be used. The two housings can be separated and the emergency slip-style casing hanger can easily be installed. The Multi-Bowl System comes complete with wear bushings, running tools, standard and emergency pack off, and combination test plug/running retrieving tool.


• Backpressure valve profile available in all mandrel hangers
• Field proven
• Saves rig time by reducing installation time
• Increases safety by reducing BOP/ diverter handling
• Fluted mandrel casing hanger allows cement returns
• Studded side outlets
• Line pipe threaded outlets

• Standard equipment
• Emergency equipment
• Option to remove upper top housing and
convert to conventional
Manufacturing Standard
• API-6A, PSL-1, DD, L-U, PR-1
WDi introduces the new WMBS
• Available in wide range of sizes and working
– 11”-3,000 through 10,000 psi w.p.
– 13 5/8” – 3000 through 10,000 psi w.p.
– One or two piece seal assembly available for
completion phase
– System compatible with most casing programs

Bottom Connections
• Slip-on weld
• Slip-on weld with O-ring
• Threaded (8rd, Buttress)