Multibowl Wellhead System

WDI’s Multibowl system offers significant time saving advantages over conventional wellheads. WDI’s Multibowl system supports and seals two strings of pipe in a single head. WDI’s Multibowl system consists of two pieces: a lower housing and upper housing installed as one complete unit. If the intermediate casing sticks, the mandrel casing hanger can not be used. The two housings can be separated and the emergency slip style casing hanger can be installed.

MDI’s Multibowl system comes complete with wear bushings, running tools, standard and emergency packoff and combination test plug/ running-retrival tool.


• Field Proven

• Saves rig time by reducing installation time

• Increases safety by reducing BOP and/or diverter handling

• Fluted mandrel casing hanger allows cement returns


• Studded side outlets


• Standard equipment

• Emergency equipment

Manufacturing Standard

• API-6A, PSL-1, DD, L-U, PR-1


• 11″ 5,000 psi wp systems

• 11″ 10,000 psi wp systems

• 10-3/4″ and 9-5/8″surface casing compatibility

• 7-5/8″ and 7″ intermediate casing compatibility

• 2-7/8″ and 2-3/8″ tubing compatibility

• Additional sizes available upon request

Bottom Connections

• Slip-on weld

• Slip-on weld with o-ring

• Threaded