Our Company

NEW WDi BUILDINGWDi (Wellhead Distributors International) was established in 1995 as the first wholesale distributor of API-6A wellhead equipment and valves in North America. ┬áTo satisfy wider range of customer needs, WDi expanded its product line to include high pressure, engineered wellhead systems and specialty valves and its services to include manufacturing, assembly, design and aftermarket repair capabilities. WDi offers a full suite of wellhead equipment, gate valves, mud valves, chokes and multi-bowl wellhead systems. WDi serves independent wellhead service companies and original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) operating in the upstream oil and gas industry through its 16 stocking locations in the United States and Canada, as a subsidiary of WDi. To support customers across the United States and Canada, WDi has strategic distribution locations in Texas, Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alberta, Canada, as a subsidiary of WDi.

Due to company growth and need for additional warehouse space, WDi’s central distribution facility is moved to a 65,000sqft facility in Houston, TX which will also serve as the new WDi corporate headquarters. In addition we are relocating manufacturing to a new, state of the art, API-6A facility in Tomball, TX. The facility currently serving as its central distribution is to be converted into a state of the art aftermarket repair facility in the future.

Our versatile capability, whether it is an order for a large volume or a custom-made solutions, makes WDi a Value Added Strategic Partner for any customers.