The new WMBS - Multi-Bowl System

The new WMBS offers significant time-savings advantages over conventional wellheads. WDi’s Multi-Bowl System is made in the USA. Some of the most exciting features include:
• Backpressure valve profile available in all mandrel hangers
• Line pipe threaded outlets
• Option to remove upper top housing and convert to conventional
WMBS is available in wide range of sizes and working pressures. For more information on this new Multi-Bowl System or any other WDi product, please visit us at booth number 7105 to have a one on one discussion with our qualified team members at the 2015 OTC.

New Member of WDi Ever Expanding Product Line - FLOW IRON

WDi is proud to announce a new addition to its product line the Flow Iron Product Line. Full line of pup joints, plug valves, swivel joints, hammer unions and fittings.
Available in:
• Standard Service
• H2S Sour Gas Service
For more information please contact your local sales representative or visit us at the 2015 OTC Show between May 4-May 7 at the Reliant Park in Houston, TX, USA.

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